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Participating in men's competition, Polgar Judit caught everyone’s eye
Monday, 18 July 2011

In the chess world, the world's top female players can get "grand master" title and participate in male competition. As the woman who only participates in men's competition, Polgar Judit naturally attracts more attention in this game.

  Polgar Judit.jpg   
Polgar Judit

At the peak of her career, Polgar Judit has won world chess champions including Karpov and Kasparov. For she once were the top ten male players in the world, she is set as role models and goals by many female players. After married in recent years, she gives her main effort on her children and rarely participates in the competition. But now she’s rating point still ranks highest in female players and rank about 50 among men players. In the European Individual Championship this year, she won the third, which is the first time that a female player won podium finish in this competition and this proves her worth.

Yesterday Polgar Judit accepted the interview. When asked about the goal for this competition, she smiled and said” we certainly want to win the championship, and top four also could be accepted.” In the past, she often participate high-level championship. While in recent years, she rarely appears in these competitions, which her answer is that it is hard to reconcile her chess career with the needs of her children. “Now I am very busy to take care of my children and what I paid much attention is disseminate chess to schools”. Over the past few years, Polgar Judit and sister wrote a book together and also does she intends to have time to write chess materials for children. She has already not busy for playing chess as she used to. “That’s life”, she said.

Although she does not participate in female competitions, she has always been concerned about that. The strength of female players is growing, but the gap between female and male players are still apparent. Many people concern about if any other female player could be able to reach her level that can have a seat at the table among male players and some female players are working for this. For example, Chinese talent female player, new World Women's Champion Hou Yifan has said her net goal is to challenge Polgar Judit.” Likes Hou Yifan and Koneru, many female players are very strong. They could reach higher target if work hard. I am certainly not the only one and I suppose a lot of young players could do what I did”, Polgar Judit said.

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