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Round 4- Azerbaijan and China Triumphs
Thursday, 21 July 2011

"Yinzhou Cup" 2011 World Team Chess Championship today continues round 4 in Ningbo New Century Grand Hotel. Defending Champion Russia team 1-3 loses the Azerbaijan team. Ukraine 1.5-2.5 loses to Hungary, the China team is not influenced by last round and triumphs over U.S. Team with a satisfying 3.5-0.5. For the rest, Armenian team also gains victory over Egypt with 3.5-0.5, and the Indian team 2.5-1.5 wins over the Israeli team. Aim to win this critical round, the Russia team sent all the top line-up today. However, Azerbaijan top player Teimour Radjabov is also experienced chess veteran, and defense the position perfectly with black. Russian superstar Sergey Karyakin hardly to gain any advantage and the game ended draw.

Russian 3th broad player Ian Nepomniachtchi always been known for aggressive playing style, but today his storming strike didn't knock off Shahriyar Mammadyarov's defence, and the board end up the same. As the turning point in the second broad, Alexander Grischuck hold the position solid, but the questionable move 23 ... f6?! made opponent Vugar Gashimov some considerable chances to win. Peter Svidler then had no other choice beside attack but the result came out very grim. The score 1-3 made Russian coach Bareev very disappointed, while the Azerbaijan team players were pretty excited to celebrate their triumph. At the post-match interview, Radjabov contributed their victory for well-done preparation, good mental and physical condition and cooperative teamwork.
Not affected much by last round's unfortunately lose, the China team sent young talented grandmaster Yu Yangyi to replace Ding Liren. Capital Wang Hao was still took the burden and heavy duty, while grandmaster Wang Yue showed a full deterrent effect, successfully attacked opponent two weak moves 17 ... Rfd8? and 27 ... f5?? to take material advantages. Time panic and the desperate situation made GM Alexander Onichuck lost the desire to battle, and it took only 29 moves for Wang Yue to gain one nice point, then grandmaster Li Chao contributed another consecutive victory. After talented young soldier Yu Yangyi used his rook wisely to force Yasser Seirawan resigned, the score 3.5-0.5 made Chinese journalist lots of sparking content to write.  After four rounds, Armenia team currently took the lead, followed by the Azerbaijan team.Chinese team ranked third, while Russia team fell to fourth. Competition will continue in July 21 afternoon and the following day is for the break.

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