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Round 5- Armenia leading the half way
Saturday, 23 July 2011

"Yinzhou Cup" 2011 World Team Chess Championship today continues in Ningbo New Century Grand Hotel for the fifth round of the competition, Azerbaijan team failed to extend their advantages and loss to Ukraine with 1.5-2.5.
Battle for the top of the leader broad, the Armenia team makes an outstanding play and beat the Chinese team with 2.5-1.5, continues to hold the lead. The Russian team 3-1 win over Egypt, for the other side United States 3-1 triumphs over India while Hungary 3.5-0.5 crashs Israel. The focus of the current round is undoubtedly between team Armenia and China. And finally Armenians had the last laugh, broad 4 took the critical point from Chinese young soldier Yu Yangyi, while all first three broads end in a draw.

Top seed players Wang Hao and Levon Aronian didn't attack in rush at first broad game. After some tentative moves, two selected pretty soild strategy and shake hand within two hours. Li Chao and Akopian's game also had a draw ending by long-checking. In the remaining two critical games, the Chinese team Wang Yue had a chance to win, but unfortunately the time panic ruined his good situation. At the end of the first time-limition he made 36.g6?! and 38.Rc3?! too conservative and let the chance slipped. Experienced player Sergej Movsesian seized the opportunity to restore the disadvantage, and shortly afterward the two agreed to draw. The last game attracted many people's attention. the Armenian Sargissian holds the micro- small advantage and patiently enough to build it, gradually implemented his plan. Yu Yangyi struggled hard but couldn't get rid of the fate of grim. Gabriel Sargissian showed his solid skill and helped the Armenian team locked the victory.
Defending champion the Russian Team didn't had much difficultly to crash Egpyt team. After both broad one and two won quickly, Russia player Nikita Vitiugov wanted to contribute more, and the game became one of the longest game ever in history, lasted nearly seven hours and 180 moves,. Two players showed lots instructive moves but the game still dramatically ends in draw.

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